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We have a very exciting opportunity for you but time is of the essence, let me explain..

When you buy crypto you are buying either a coin or a token, there are many types of tokens.

A utility token is a token that has a use case and is not available to buy or on any exchanges etc,
therefore the price is not manipulated and never goes down, only up!

If you can get hold of any of these tokens (usually by earning them)
all you will see is profit with huge potential when they increase in value.

It does not matter if the price of crypto you are holding goes up or down, you will still earn everyday!

Let me introduce you to Cloud Token!

Cloud tokens can be earnt for free just by holding your crypto in the Cloud Token Wallet. Yup, thats right!
Just like any wallet such as coinbase, you just hold your crypto there and you earn cloud token’s as a reward.

Below you can watch a few video’s and webinars about Cloud Token and their wallet.

Quick intro (animation)
Introduction to Cloud Token
Recent webinar about the Cloud Token Project
Launch Ceremony

Download the wallet

The Cloud Token Wallet is available on iOS via the Apple app store and Google play store. Links to both can be found below, plus their official website.

You will need a code to create an account, please copy the following so you can paste once you have downloaded the app.


Next steps..

You can follow the below steps for help and guidance in setting up your Cloud Token Wallet and for more information..

The guidebook is a PDF file download giving you more information and step by step guide to get setup.

It covers setup, and transferring crypto from both Coinbase and Wirex into Cloud Token Wallet plus funding Jarvis.

It covers setup, and transferring crypto from both Coinbase and Wirex into Cloud Token Wallet plus funding Jarvis.

Invest in the new age

This project works due to the technology involved, the company achieve VIP 8 on binance very quickly (trading over 80,000 bitcoin per month) and now have over 900,000 people signed up, managing $600 million of funds, but it is still in the early stages.

Webinar from Paul McCarthy
Whats coming soon – updates!
Why is it different from other paid wallets
Longer Introduction webinar
How does it use our funds
Behind the scenes of trading AI
Luigi’s Story

15 reasons to get involved with Cloud Token

We feel this is such a good opportunity, here you can view 15 of the main reasons why you need to get involved in this project.

Freedom & Money
Of course most people get into crypto currency because you can make fast and easy money, and Cloud Token Wallet does just exactly that. Money buys you freedom, make an easy passive income. You could make a full time income from this, what would you do with an extra $1000 a day? Just think about the possibilities.
Built on strong foundations with some of the biggest names in the crypto space getting involved. Unlike other wallets or multi level marketing projects that are run by marketers, Cloud token is run by the technical team..you only have to research Ronald Aii (the CTO of Cloud Token) to understand his accomplishments in the blockchain space, awards and respect he garners.
Huge potential 

The value right now is only $0.30. As soon as more people join the project the price is going to start to snowball in value. We can easily see the price go up 50x in the next 6 months alone. If you can accumulate only 10,000 cloud tokens at the current price which is very easy, that would be $10,000 once they hit $1 a token or $100,000 once they hit $10!


You do not have to give any personal details once signed up to Cloud Token Wallet, the only identifiable thing is your login ID (16 digit number). Full distribution facilitates anonymity. Spend the cloud tokens via the card for free in shops etc..live tax free! Completely decentralised! 

The team behind this project let you view the real time orders they are trading on each exchange. Not only that in the future they will be showing how much they have on each exchange, with the profits they are making etc and how much is passed back to the users. Everything is on on the blockchain and assets are managed by the user’s not a centralised system. It is one of the most transparent projects we have ever seen in the crypto currency space, they want everyone to be successful. Not only that they have a main office in Kuala Lumpur with 50+ staff working on the project, with live camera’s! They have also just partnered with Grab in Asia, Grab is a Uber of Asia, and was recently acquired by Uber.
No membership fee’s
The app is 100% free to download and use. No payment plans, no lengthy contracts. You can use it however long you want for free, and also put in as much or as little as you want into the wallet or Jarvis program. Of course the more you put in the more you will earn though. With other marketing projects or hedgefunds etc there are usually huge fee’s to withdraw or use (40%+ most of the time) but with Cloud Token its free, and you can move your funds at any time!
User Friendly
Slick and easy to use app and design. Profits are distributed on a daily basis and you can see your balance at any point. All you have to do if holding is just check the app once a day and watch your profits increase. It’s also worldwide.
Security & Technology
The security behind this project is unreal, they use higher than bank level security. They have also partnered with google to use authentication, mnemonic phrase and several passwords. Everything is highly secure for your peace of mind and available to you.
No locking of your capital
The funds that you hold in the wallet are completely liquid, you can remove them at any time, no only that it is fast to do. The free cloud tokens that you hold can be instantly transferred to Ethereum or another Crypto and cashed out. Everything can be withdrawn into currency or converted into another crypto currency
Zero Risk

You can put USD into the wallet and Jarvis, so you do not have to worry about the crypto falling. You will still earn Cloud Tokens everyday based on around 10% average of whatever you put in. If you put in $1000, you would get $100 back a month minimum, but remember paid in cloud tokens which soon will be 10x their current value, that $1000 you put in you would get the same $1000 back every month!

Cloud token utilises 4th Generation blockchain technology. The Jarvis technology that Cloud Token Wallet uses is put to work for some of the largest public and private companies in the world (Walmart, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Google and many more) rest assured its super secure and you are in good hands.
Apple App Store

It is very hard these days to get a crypto project, let alone a wallet into the official Apple app store, there are very strict guidelines. The same applies so marketing companies. Cloud Token wallet is that transparent that apple have recognised this and approved them, Google also approved them into the google play store. This is huge news and continues to solidify this project as being trustworthy in the crypto space.

Funds are always safe

Other wallets or marketing projects use one pool of money which is managed by the company, from this pool they pay interest or returns. Cloud Token wallet has effectively 3 pools. 1 – The super wallet where you can store your crypto. 2 – The Jarvis pool (the funds they use for trading) and 3 – The reserve pool. The reserve pool is where the profits come from and where you earn the rewards. So people can withdraw their money which will come from the reserve pool, but your funds will always be safe in the super wallet or Jarvis.

Private keys & Developments

Cloud Token wallet recently released your own private keys for the wallet. Which means you can control crypto coming in and out of the wallet from an external wallet online, and not just in the app. If there are ever problems with the app you can still access your crypto using your private key. Many developments and projects are also on the horizon, all of which will add to the reserve pool and therefore increasing the price of the Cloud token.

Reward Program 

Last but not least, is one of the best reward programs we have seen. Once you sign up you get a referral code and you can refer you friends and family, or anyone in your network. Whatever reward they get for holding their funds/crypto, you will match it 100% into your own wallet. It is optional and you will still get returns daily without this, its just another way to increase your earnings.

Cloud Token is the future.

Let you future start now and get involved today..

Cloud Token is a decentralized digital wallet integrating all digital assets into one platform and functions as a social and wealth management tool. It has adopted the latest 4.0 generation blockchain technology which has the ability to execute encrypted trading and payment using inter blockchain technology.

Technology behind Cloud Token (part 1)
Technology behind Cloud Token (part 2)
How AURAE Blockchain Technology works to support Cloud Token
Verifying Cloud Token is a decentrailised wallet on the blockchain
Withdrawing Ethereum from the wallet
Thoughts from Antonio Deveaux

Another option to earn - Zero Risk

You can put Stable coins linked to Fiat Currency into Cloud Token Wallet

Stable coins are coins that are linked to FIAT currency that we all use everyday. For example USDT is linked to the US dollar, so the price will always be $1 per coin. If you did not want to put crypto currency into the project, and risk it dropping at all (even though we are back in a bull market and heading back up) then just invest money in stable coins which Cloud Token supports in order to get the free cloud tokens and rewards. *You will need crypto in order to get USDT originally (see guidebook)


This way you are just making back 10-15% of whatever money you put in with zero risk. You money will always stay the same but you will be getting the payments daily just like if you had crypto in there. It is much better than interest at a bank or savings account (1-3%) It is over 5x more! Don’t forget the value of cloud tokens is also increasing everyday, so your investment could make you a lot more money than the 10% minimum return.

Remember you can convert the free Cloud tokens you earn into Ethereum and then Bitcoin at any point. It is definitely a good idea to get into Bitcoin and crypto currency if you have not already. Start accumulating crypto now and set yourself up for the future, Cloud token wallet is the best way to do this, watch the video’s below for more information about bitcoin and to see why its predicted to rise in price so fast.


Soon Cloud Token will be rebranding to Cloud 2.0 – So many new updates coming up in the next few months.

If you need any help getting setup or started in this project, you can visit the Cloud Token Club, join our telegram group or email us at earnpassivecrypto.com@gmail.com